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He was divorced from Riykh in October 1921 at the time when he first became acquainted with Isadora Duncan, the famouse American dancer. In 1922 they were married and sailed for America. Their short stormy marriage was more remarkable, not that he was 17 years younger, but because he spoke no English and she no.

T olstoy's novels promote critical thinkings, empathy and in the process, contribution to peace. Sometimes Tolstoy comes across as a bit preachy, but he is nevertheless one of the greatest writers. He presents a range of thought-provoking ideas and writes in a beautifully descriptive style. I n the 1880s Tolstoy wrote such philosophical works as.

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suffering from alcoholism and article writers hallucinations. "Generally speaking, d espite his intensely social, slowly, a lyric poet should not live long." Esenin was bored and deeply depressed, h e took a room in the Hotel d'Angletrre, a sense of alienation and lonliness grew in him. In 1921 he notes,

Also in that same year he had a son Alexander by the poet Nadezhda Volpin. Esenin never saw his son Alexander. Ironically, Alexander Volpin-Esenin later became a well known poet in the dissident best writing service websites movement in Russia in the 1960s. In March 1925, Yesenin became acquainted with the grandaughter of Leo Tolstoy, Sophia Tolstoya. She became.

Goethe, Stendhal, Thackeray, and George Eliot. T olstoy's major work, "War and Peace appeared between the years 18The epic tale depicted the story of five families against the background of. Napoleon's invasion of Russia. Its vast canvas includes 580 characters, many historical, others fictional. The story moves from family to the headquarters of Napoleon.

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A t age nine the family rented a house and moved to Moscow. Soon his father "turned up dead" while visiting a friend. Shortly afterwards his grandmother passed away. Losing two close family member in such a short period of time Tolstoy began formulating serious ideas about death and happiness. I n 1844 Tolstoy started.

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"Love passed, the muse appeared, the weather of mind got clarity newfound; now free, I once more weave together emotion, thought, and magic sound." H e fought in many duels, had more affairs, and was heavy into gambling. At one of his duels he arrived late eating a bag of cherries. Taunting the officer by.

He saw that the secret of changing the world lay in education. He investigated during further travels to. Europe (1860-61) educational theory and practice, and published magazines and textbooks on the subject. In 1862 he married. Sonya Behrs, who bore him 13 children. Sonya also acted as her husband's devoted secretary. T olstoy's fiction grew.

and they had a son in January of 1915. I n 1914 he married Anna Izryadnova, he abandoned the family and Moscow for Petrograd (later renamed to St.) and possessive. Soon, izryanova describes best essay writer company Esenin as article writers arrogant, proud, ambitious, on e met with famous poet Blok, petersburg which he saw as the real literary capital.

Sergey Esenin S ergey Esenin (1895-1925) is without doubt the most profoundly Russian of all the poets of the Revolution. Sometimes dismissed by elitist poetic circles, Yesenin was in fact an extremely gifted lyricist, an intellectual and a celebrity. He was the poet of the people, not only during the early days of the Revolution.

Young Sergei had to hold on for dear . He learned to swim in a similar fashion. They took him out in a boat, stripped him naked, and tossed him into the water. When he was eight, he would act as hunting dog for an uncle, swimming in the lake after ducks which had been.

T he greatest poet in Russian history lived his just like it would have happened to a romantic character in one of his stories or poems. Greatly influenced by his heritage and by one of the greatest Romantic poets of all time, Lord Byron, Pushkin breathed , adventure, and personal anguish into his literature.

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Leo Tolstoy L eo Tolstoy is a Russian author, one of the greatest of all novelists. Tolstoy's in often seen to form two distinct parts: first comes the author of great novels, and later a prophet and moral reformer. L eo Tolstoy (1828-1910) was born at Yasnaya Polyana, in Tula Province, the fourth of.

He gave up his estate to his family, and tried to live as a poor, celibate peasant. Attracted by Tolstoy's writings, Yasnaya Polyana was visited by hundreds of people from all over the world. Tolstoy's teachings influenced Gandhi in India, and the kibbutz movement in Palestine, and in Russia his moral authority rivaled that of.

Many of his poems are learnt by heart at school. They have been set to music and are popular songs in modern Russia. His poetry, deceptively simple in structure, is fresh, sincere, melancholy and full of fire. S ergey Esenin was born on in the village of Konstantinovo in the Ryazan province. In 1899, he.

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he smashed all the mirrors and woodwork in his room at the Crillon Hotel. By the end of October, by August 5th best custom essay writing 1923, and Duncan moved him to a mental hospital. They were back in Moscow. His struggles with drinking continued and one night, influential friends succeeded in freeing Esenin from article writers the police,at that time Natalia still had not read any of Pushkin's poetry. He article writers met her at the first ball that she attended and from the first moment his intentions were to marry her.

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