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Theorists of classical liberalism keep to the idea that in any state individual freedom should be encouraged. Government should limit its regulation of business and economy and it is should be assigned by constitution. Individual property rights, defense of civil liberties and support of free markets are the guarantee of the successful development of a.

Buy compare and contrast essay

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The history of the mankind has known many political trends dominating in different countries and different times. Many of them had the same ideas and goals but offered different ways of their achievement. All of them were aimed at the wealth of society but few of them managed to lead this or that society to.

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The history has proved that it is impossible to create absolutely equal society with shared rights and property. Marxism and communism as its form is no more relevant under the conditions of modern globalization and economic competition. Works Cited Marx, K. Engels, F. Manifesto of the Communist Party. International Publishers, 1948. Richardson, James L. Contending Liberalisms in World Politics: Ideology and Power. Colorado: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001. Custom essay writing service m. Buy essays online!

however, if to compare this view of state intervention to the of society with the Marxist one we can see that write my website for me buy compare and contrast essay they are opposite.

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The struggle should also begin in the context of the bourgeoisies oppression of proletarians. The basis of the conflict is that the bourgeois own the means of production, while proletarians have to work for them in order to get their wage. Marx saw the basis of the equality in the society in the abolition of.

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Due to the equalization of rights and the centralization of certain spheres of in the hands of the State, the proletarian society would not have had any struggle for power and authority (194). As well as liberalism Marxism also found supporters in many countries and split into different trends. However, the achievement of an.

So what are these differences and which trend is more relevant nowadays? These issues will be covered in this paper. It is necessary to note that the main principles of liberalism have conquered popularity in many countries in the world. Liberalist theorists claim that the state should play the most possible minimal role in .

Thus, we can see that liberalist and Marxist theorists have absolutely different approaches to the role of a state in the of a society. In my opinion, contemporary development of countries proves that the most suitable political trend is liberalism and its different forms. Today many governments have chosen democratic way which is characterized.

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