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CFollows the original passage too closely DAll of the above ENothing is wrong with this passage. Which of the following is the best reason to use direct quot;s and paraphrases? ATo support your ideas BTo communicate what you mean better than you think you can. CTo explain complicated ideas to your instructor What, if anything.

CFollows the original passage too closely DAll of the above ENothing is wrong with this passage. As long as you cite the original source, place quot;tion marks around it, and provide page number(s) for it, you can copy a unique phrase and use it in your paper. ATrue BFalse.

Original Passage from: Lebo, Harlan. The Godfather Legacy. New York: Fireside, 1997. Superficially, The Godfather was a pulp novel about sex, violence, and crime in Americas gangland underworld. But at its core were solid storytelling and vivid characters. Paraphrase: The Godfather seemed to be a pulp novel about sex, violence, and crime in the American.

Paraphrasing quiz

for the past five hundred years, all people in the Americas multicultural and paraphrasing quiz multiclass society have for two centuries used or been influenced by print. In the United States, most of humankind has been informed by print. Of Illinois Press. For example,if your instructor is requiring this quiz for class: Complete the quiz and click "Submit Your Answers." Either save the results page to your hard paraphrasing quiz drive to upload electronically as an assignment, or print a hard copy of the results page to give to your instructor. Which of the following best describes acceptable paraphrasing?

A paraphrase often phd writing service clarifies the original statement by putting it into words that are more easily understood. The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Copyright 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Cite This Source Word of the Day Difficulty index for paraphrase Most English speakers likely know this word Word Value for paraphrasing 20 23 Scrabble Words With Friends Related Word Nearby words for paraphrasing.

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Adverbs are helpfully shown in blue. Get rid of them and pick verbs with force instead. You can utilize a shorter word in place of a purple one. Mouse over it for hints. Phrases in green have been marked to show passive voice. You can format your text with the toolbar. Paste in something you're working on and edit away. Or, click the Write button to compose something new.

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Analyze experimental error. Was it avoidable? Was it a result of equipment? If an experiment was within the tolerances, you can still account for the difference from the ideal. If the flaws result from the experimental design explain how the design might be improved. Explain your results in terms of theoretical issues. Often undergraduate labs.

But not, so far as one can tell, because its delivering better health care. One night, I went to dinner with six McAllen doctors. All were what you would call bread-and-butter physicians: busy, full-time, private-practice doctors who work from seven in the morning to seven at night and sometimes later, their waiting rooms teeming and.

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Communities could use these savings to support institutions to deal with young people not in school. If, in the long run, these institutions prove more costly, at least we would not confuse their mission with that of schools. Schools should be for education. At present, they are only tangentially so. They have attempted to serve.

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Discuss. Paper Type: Research paper Word Count: 1750 words Pages: 7 pages Refrencing Style: Harvard Referencing Educational Level: Masters Description: Executive Summary: It should act as both an introduction and offer an indication of what your overall conclusion/answer to the question will be. The word limit for this section is 150 words.

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For the Jekyll and Hyde example, the final sentence could be: Ultimately, Jekylls changing relationship with Hyde is an allegory for mans internal conflict, and Stevensons belief in mans capacity for both good and evil. Back to top _ Lessons to take away Work on a spider diagram of the key themes in your texts. Keep your sentences short/read practice essays out loud to yourself. Remember P.E.A. Practice writing 10 minute plans. Back to top.

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Rather, write an essay that focuses on your strengths. Write a coherent and interesting essay. Make your first paragraph the best paragraph in your essay. Develop a thesis about yourself early in the essay and argue it throughout. Each piece of information you give about yourself in the essay should somehow support your thesis. Pick.

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Start with a boring sentence, such as: 'The girl had curly hair.' Ask them to think of a couple of adjectives to describe the curls. Could they use a powerful verb and adverb to show how the curls are moving? Could they compare the curls to something else, to create a simile? A much-improved sentence.

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Writing A Apa Research Paper An APA Research Paper Model Thomas Delancy and Adam Solberg homework help with wrote the following research paper for a psychology class.

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